Tuesday, January 31, 2017


     I have another chance to help VR Gaming with their marketing materials. Posters, magazines, murals and more are some of the things I'll make for this awesome video game retail store. The owner and I have common interest in video games; we both appreciate the art in them.  In the last couple of years I felt guilty for playing video games because I had to pay rent, but this opportunity will make it mandatory for me to welcome video games back into my life. In my case I let my art rule my life. For example; I'd chose to get better at drawing than, say, writing contracts and invoices. This little detail drove me into the ground where I stayed for a few years. Maybe I was scared of paper-work because I was a C student and a college drop-out, which reflected in my adult years. I'm not feeling the pressures of adulthood as much anymore due to my health; something that helped me after I hit the financial obstacles that plagued my life for a while. I would skate, walk and ride my bike to keep my thoughts centered and keep my body healthy.

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